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Des thèses et mémoires de nos étudiants sont conservés et consultables dans Papyrus , le dépôt institutionnel de l’Université de Montréal.



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Date Trier par date en ordre croissant Titre Trier par titre en ordre croissant
2017 Commentary : On the importance of looking at nonlinearity and developmental effects – a reflection on Flom et al. (2017)
2017 A longitudinal empirical investigation of the pathways model of problem gambling
2016 Prospective links between friendship and early physical aggression : preliminary evidence supporting the role of friendship quality through a dyadic intervention
2016 The validity of the Substance Use Risk Profile Scale (SURPS) among Australian adolescents
2017 Can sports mitigate the effects of depression and aggression on peer rejection?
2017 Validation de la version française canadienne du Perception of Prevalence of Aggression Scale auprès d’un échantillon d’intervenants en protection de la jeunesse
2018 The gene–environmental architecture of the development of adolescent substance use
2017 Links between the mother-adolescent and father-adolescent relationships and adolescent depression : a genetically informed study
2017 Persistent genetic and family-wide environmental contributions to early number knowledge and later achievement in mathematics
2018 A longitudinal twin study of callous-unemotional traits during childhood
2018 Early warm-rewarding parenting moderates the genetic contributions to callous-unemotional traits in childhood
2018 The genetic and environmental etiology of the association between vocabulary and syntax in first grade
2015 Phenotypic and genetic associations between reading comprehension, decoding skills, and ADHD dimensions : evidence from two population-based studies
2015 Newspaper coverage of autism treatment in Canada: 10-year trends (2004–2013)
2018 Associations between daily mood states and brain gray matter volume, resting-state functional connectivity and task-based activity in healthy adults
2018 The moderating role of peer norms in the associations of social withdrawal and aggression with peer victimization
2018 Twin classroom dilemma : to study together or separately?
2017 A prospective, longitudinal, study of men with borderline personality disorder with and without comorbid antisocial personality disorder
2018 Longitudinal links between gambling participation and academic performance in youth : a test of four models
2017 Heterogeneity in the development of proactive and reactive aggression in childhood : Common and specific genetic-environmental factors
2017 Using the dual-criteria methods to supplement visual inspection: An analysis of nonsimulated data
2017 Comparing two methods to promote generalization of receptive identification in children with autism spectrum disorders
2017 Generalization following tablet-based instruction in children with autism spectrum disorders
2017 Effects of background music on socially reinforced problem behaviors in children with autism spectrum disorders
2016 Prevalence of stereotypy in individuals with developmental disabilities: a systematic review
2016 Using computer tablets to assess preference for videos in children with autism
2016 Using single-case experiments to support evidence-based decisions : how much is enough?
2016 Preliminary effects of parent-implemented behavioural interventions for stereotypy
2014 Rapport d'évaluation du programme Apprendre à se comprendre : programme d'intervention visant la diminution des conflits intergénérationnels en contexte interculturel
2018 Using single-case designs in practical settings: Is replication always necessary?
2019 A comparison of communication tone and responding across users and developers in two R mailing lists
2021 Risk factors associated with driving after cannabis use among Canadian young adults
2007 Poursuis Ton Aventure : Programme de thérapie par l'aventure afin de prévenir les problèmes de comportement à l'adolescence
2008 Implantation en milieu scolaire du programme Prends le volant auprès d'adolescents souffrant d'un trouble déficitaire de l'attention avec hyperactivité
2008 Programme de prévention de la victimisation par les pairs au deuxième cycle du primaire
2008 Programme d'intervention visant l'augmentation des habiletés sociales et la réduction des comportements perturbateurs auprès d'adolescents à risque de vivre le décrochage scolaire
2008 Rapport d'intervention d'un programme multimodal auprès d'élèves TDAH de première année
2008 Intervention pour la sélectivité alimentaire chez les enfants autistes
2020 Acute and chronic stress among workers in residential treatment centers for youth : effects on restraint and seclusion
2020 Worker and perceived team climate factors influence the use of restraint and seclusion in youth residential treatment centers : results from a mixed-method longitudinal study
2021 Exploring reasons motivating the use of restraint and seclusion by residential workers in residential treatment centers : a qualitative study of official reports
2019 The use of restraint and seclusion in residential treatment care for youth : a systematic review of related factors and interventions
2021 Changes in autistic symptoms and adaptive functioning of children receiving early behavioral intervention in a community setting : a latent growth curve analysis
2021 Concurrent validity of open-ended functional assessment interviews with functional analysis
2021 Academic, socioeconomic and interpersonal consequences of cannabis use : a narrative review
2022 Some characteristics and arguments in favor of a science of machine behavior analysis
2021 Machine learning to support visual inspection of data : a clinical application
2011 La victimisation par les pairs chez les élèves du primaire
2021 Perceptions of behavior analysis in France : accuracy and tone of posts in an Internet forum on autism
2021 Machine learning to analyze single-case graphs : a comparison to visual inspection